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Storyline Online online storytelling was launched in 2001 with the help of a generous grant by Verizon Communications, and initially featured five videos with professional actors reading popular books online. The videos created were carefully designed to fully capture all of the particular illustrations, texture and color each book. Today, the website Storyline Online has evolved at an incredible pace and is able to offer numerous bedtime and other stories read by such well known artists as Earl Jones, Betty White, Bradley Whitford, Sean Astin, Jane Kaczmarek, Esai Morales, Eric Close, Elijah Wood, Amber Tamblyn and more.


The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Foundation and ‘Storyline Online’

Since 1993, SAG Foundation has been committed to promote literacy among children and support projects that enhance reading and writing skills. Since its initiation, the foundation was able to launch numerous diverse and innovative programs which are geared to championing children’s literacy issues. Partly to the support of many partners and contributors, SAG Foundation is able to realize their many initiatives and make their programs a reality. All this of course would not be achieved without the thousands of (SAG) actors across the country, who show their full support for the foundation.

The Screen Actors Guild Foundation was founded in 1985. It is a philanthropic, non-profit organization which supports educational and humanitarian programs. The SAG was founded with the primary goal to enhance the quality of actors’ lives by adding a spiritual dimension and the ability to give back to their communities. By supporting Storyline online the actors make a significant contribution to promoting literacy skills and love of reading among children.

Benefits of Reading Stories to Children

There has been much information available on the various benefits of reading stories to children.  According to many experts , as little as  20 minutes of daily reading with a child can have a significant impact on his scholastic achievement in later years. Reading also enhances vocabulary and stimulates cognitive development. A website such as Storyline online can be an excellent source of children stories and provide excellent means to entertain the children in a constructive and beneficial way. Storyline Online makes storytelling available at any time of the day as children can listen and watch these free books read online whenever and as many times as they like. There is a great variety of short stories for kids available, and there is something for every age level. All you need to do is simply scroll down to find stories for children for the particular age, from “under 5” to “over 11”.  Storyline Online also features additional activities for each book specifically designed by an early childhood literacy expert. All the stories are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, completely free of charge. ‘Storyline Online makes sure every child can find an online story he or she enjoys.

Other Sources of Story Online Sites

Today, parents don’t even need to spend time and money to find great books for children. Many excellent free children’s stories are available on line. In addition to Storyline Online, the other websites, such as Story Time for Me:

Story Time for Me Is a Free Online Children’s Book Library. It contains over 30 titles of children’s favorite stories read in clear, easy-to-understand way with the words highlighted on the screen to stimulate reading skills.  Many schools, libraries, daycares and individual parents have benefited from this website.  Each story comes with adorable, endearing animations that are highly appealing to young children. There are more interactive animated books constantly being added to the site. Unlike Storyline online, this website is specifically designed for the age level of up to 8 years old. Story Time for Me also donates books in print form so that needy families can purchase them for as low as 38 cents per book.

Promoting Literacy and Love of Reading

Supporting story-telling sites such as Storyline Online or Story Time for Me can be a great way to invest in the adequate level of literacy for the future generation. With the importance of reading in language development being clearly evident to parents and educators, story reading sites can do a lot in promoting language proficiency and reading skills among children. With so many children today spending so much of their awake time in front of the computer, it is crucial to make constructive and beneficial activities available to them as a better alternative for other internet entertainment sites. It is superfluous to mention the tremendous emotional and psychological damage certain websites can have on young children. Since it is close to impossible to completely prevent the youngsters today from any internet access, we at least need to make sure they are engaged in a safer and less damaging activity on the net.  Such internet programs as Storyline Online help engage the children in healthier and more positive entertainment which also has beneficial effects on their development.

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Storyline Online
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