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 Spot the Dog

Spot the Dog is the main character in a series of children’s books written by Eric Hill. The adventures of Spot were eventually made into a popular children’s animation series, Spot, for BBC television. Where’s Spot? was the first book of the series, originally published in 1980. The idea for the book was inspired by Eric Hill’s two-year-old son’s reaction to an ad in which lifting the flap revealed a funny picture. Spot the Dog series became extremely successful, followed by the animated version. The books have been translated into over 60 languages, including  Breton, Frisian and Welsh, as well as Braille and sign language, and published world wide.

Spot the Dog Games and Activities

As a character familiar to all young children, Spot can be a great companion in the classroom and at home. The clear outlines and colourful, simple pictures of Spot the dog books are well known and highly enjoyable for young children . Spot the dog is an early learner himself, he is constantly exploring  and figuring out new things. Whether off on a trip, starting school or learning to count, the adventures of Spot will encourage the young readers to take interest in their surroundings and new experiences as well. Learning new skills with Spot as a guide can be great fun. Here is a link to Fun with Spot, where you can find fun Spot the Doug free games and activities, coloring books and games:

Spot the Dog and His Family

Of course, Spot is the star of the series. He is an adorable little yellow puppy with a brown spot on each side of his body and a tip on his tail.  Spot loves to explore and have fun, but also likes to be helpful. Since Spot has small, rounded ears, short tail and legs, he is probably a beagle puppy. Spot’s mother’s name is Sally. She often goes around looking for mischievous little Spot. Sam is Spot’s father. He is a large yellow dog who works at a farm. Spot also has a sister, Susie, and a brother called Smith. Spot’s grandma is the mother of Sally and usually wears glasses.

Spot the Dog TV Series

Spot the Dog is a set of British animated TV specials based on the book series describing the adventures of a little yellow puppy named Spot by Eric Hill. It centers around the puppy, his family and his friends, and occasionally some other characters.

The series can be divided into six main sections: The Adventures of Spot Series 1 (1985), It’s Fun to Learn With Spot Phase 1 (1990), The Adventures of Spot Series 2 (1993), It’s Fun to Learn With Spot Phase 2 (1994), The Specials (1995, 1997) and Spot’s Musical Adventures (2000).

The Adventures of Spot series, as well as Spot’s Musical Adventures, were released in the United Kingdom as animated storybooks. When Disney released it in the United States,  Spot was revoiced by Jonathan Taylor Thomas in The Adventures of Spot and Haley-Joel Osment in Spot’s Musical Adventures ,retitled Discover Spot in the Disney release.   It’s Fun to Learn With Spot was never released in the U.S.  A comedian Jane Horrocks  narrated Spot’s Musical Adventures  in the United Kingdom.

Disney release also implemented some other changes in the show. For Discover Spot, Disney introduced a live children segment at the end of each episode. This was backported to later British releases of Spot’s Musical Adventures  as well as to The Adventures of Spot and the specials, and finally to It’s Fun to Learn With Spot.

Click on this link to enjoy Spot the dog theme song:

Spot the Dog Books

The first book of the series, Where’s Spot? published in 1980,  features Spot’s mother Sally going on a search all around the house looking for Spot. Where’s Spot? was followed by many other books, including such popular favorites as Spot Goes to the Farm, Spot Goes to School, Spot’s Baby Sister, Spot Visits his Grandparents and many others.

There are various kinds of Spot the Dog books available, from lift-the-flap books for the little ones to read-along with audio CD, to touch and feel books and sound books with an electronic sound panel. Some  Spot books include plush toys, others are simple sturdy picture books. There are Spot the Dog pop-up books as well as activity books and cloth books that feature the adorable little yellow puppy.

Spot the Dog Toys and Other Products

Since the character of Spot became increasingly popular, there is an increasing trend for the manufacture of toys, games and related products featuring the puppy. You can find Spot the dog bedding, clothing, dishes, and a great variety of other products to delight your little ones. Here is an link  where you can find adorable  toys and games and other products: Spot the dog can be a charming companion for your little one’s daily routines.

Spot: Night-Night, Spot

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Spot the Dog

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 Spot the Dog
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