Short Moral Stories for Kids

Short Moral Stories for Kids

Short moral stories for kids

can be a great educational tool for parents and teachers.

When teaching children values, it’s important not to overdo it and try to avoid sounding preachy. An interesting story with the right kind of message can capture children’s imagination and have a significant affect on a child’s outlook and attitude. Short moral stories for kids that stress positive values such as friendship, loyalty, honesty, as well as good character traits can accomplish a lot more in these values being internalized by children than moralistic lectures and speeches.

Online Short Moral Stories for Kids

There are many great sites that feature stories for kids which contain positive moral messages and can be used to instill good values in children.

This site, for example,  has a variety of moral short stories with moral lessons and educational messages:

This website has a collection of short good moral stories for kids based on the fables of Aesop:

There is one  special website that stands out among others, it’s Story Time for –  Story Time for Me in an online collection of short stories for children aged 1-8.  Story Time for me library contains overt 30 titles of animated English short moral stories with pictures transmitted in a highly entertaining way.

The three main series of stories are centered around one of the three main characters: Ben the Mouse, Flame the Dragon or Fern the Fox.

The series about Ben the Mouse and his friends are suitable for young readers aged between 4-8.

Fern the Fox and Flame the Dragon stories will be perfect for the youngest audience aged between1-4.

In Ben Cleans Up, for example, Ben the Mouse and his friends take care of their favorite beach that’s been polluted, demonstrating how much even the children can do in taking care of the environment.

In Fern Meets Some Pets, Fern the fox introduces the young listeners to the various animals people can have as pets.

Story Time for Me is a great source for educational short moral stories for kids which are original, creative and entertaining.

Using Short Moral Stories for Kids to Teach Values

Reading with children gives the  parents an opportunity to bond with kids; stories also appeal to children’s imagination and stimulate creative thought process.  Any story, whether fiction or reality-based, speaks the language of the child. The special appeal of story telling to young children makes short moral stories for kids the perfect tools for teaching values. Below are some tips on using short moral stories to teach children positive moral values.

Choosing the Right Stories

It’s important that parents evaluate the stories before they read them to their children. Even the most popular stories may not have the right moral lesson. In addition,  parents should be aware that just  because a book is categorized as a children’s book it doesn’t make it automatically appropriate for young children.  The parent should use his or her own moral judgment to determine if a particular book is a suitable reading material for his or her child.

It is advisable to pick short moral stories that are  relevant to your child’s current life situation, and contains characters they can identify with. For example, if the family is moving and the child is struggling to readjust to the new settings, or is struggling with bullies at school, it can be helpful to read him stories that discuss similar issues. A child found to be  prone to lying can be read short moral stories about the value of honesty.

To help your child to internalize the ideas in the stories, in addition to reading, discuss them with your child. Ask the child which character was his favorite and why. Which positive values or character traits were brought out in the story and how can we emulate them in the real life. Offer the child to solve a moral dilemma or a real life situation based on the positive values taught within the story. Ask the children to identify the antagonists of the story and why their behavior was wrong and unacceptable.  Short moral stories for kids can be used as a springboard for discussion on moral values and ideals.

Repetition of  Short Moral Stories

Short moral stories for kids are a particularly effective as an educational tool since many of them children would love to hear again and again. Repetition of the stories helps to reinforce the moral message that you want to transmit to your child. Repetition also provides you with an opportunity to explore additional aspects of the story. It is crucial to point out to your child the practical ways for applying the lessons of the stories. Creating a realistic action plan for improving behavior based on the short moral stories you’ve read together can be an invaluable educational tool that creates real and lasting change for the better.

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Reading together helps your child understand and internalize real life values. It it would be wise of parents to take advantage of short moral stories for kids featured at Story Time for Me.


Short Moral Stories for Kids

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Short Moral Stories for Kids
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