Saxon Phonics: Why Choose Saxon?

Saxon Phonics

Saxon phonics is a complete system phonics and spelling system for grades K-3. It is particularly successful due to several factors. First, Saxon phonics provides complete lesson plans for 36 weeks of the year. Also included are teacher record forms and student assessment sheets.

Why is Saxon Phonics So Successful?

Saxon Phonics


Instruction is incremental; each lesson builds on the next so that concepts are learned thoroughly, yet not forgotten within a few weeks. For struggling students, Saxon also provides clear activities that can be used to help readers catch up to the rest of the class.

In addition, Saxon phonics includes a mix of online games, and other classroom activities in order to support various types of learners. For example, the Saxon Phonics Kindergarten Program teaches phonemic awareness, decoding, spelling and fluency skills are all practiced with a variety of entertaining, yet educational online games.

Saxon phonics and spelling online activities cover a variety of skills, and complement skills learned in the classroom. They also provide an easy way for parents to participate in their child’s reading instruction in a stress-free way.

Saxon phonics intervention program is uniquely geared to the struggling reader. The program features magazine style books with content that is exciting to older readers, as well as full color graphics and a variety of text forms. All of these serve to interest the reader while helping them build critical phonics and word analysis skills.

If you’re searching for a comprehensive reading program for your K-3 students, then the research based instruction at Saxon Phonics may be just right for you.

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saxon phonics

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Saxon Phonics
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