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Reading Games For Kids

Reading games for kids and word games are excellent activities for developing reading skills in a fun and entertaining way. Most children today find it boring to learn letters and spelling in a straight audio presentation style. With so much visual and audio stimulation children receive from the TV programs, video games and the internet, the attention span of our youngsters has shrunk considerably compared to previous generation. The preferred method of teaching children today is the process of interactive games and activities, thus the need for fun and cool reading games for kids to keep their attention.

Language and Literacy

It is generally understood that good language and literacy skills are essential to every aspect of an individual’s life, and that literacy of the individuals contributes positively to the society as a whole; to its cultural and economic well-being. There are many schools today that are facing the challenge of students who struggle with read and writing. According to the latest findings of the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), the level of literacy among American students is falling behind their counterparts internationally. Improving literacy has become one of the major goals of the education system.  To ensure future academic success of the students, their education must be focused on instilling motivation for learning and love of reading at the earliest age.  To ensure that their young students will be continually motivated to excel in their learning, preschool and elementary school teachers much employ appropriate teaching techniques in their classrooms. Future academic excellence in the older grades largely depends upon the level of motivation and desire for learning instilled in the students in their younger years. By making classroom atmosphere friendly and welcoming; by using educational reading games for kids, interesting activities and other educational tools appropriate for the particular level, educators can ensure that the students will continue to associate learning process with pleasurable activities.

Fun Reading Games Online

There are many great ideas for activities or complete elementary reading games you can find available on the internet. Below is a number of sites that can be helpful for elementary school teachers or parents who wish to reinforce their children’s reading skills. Parents and teachers can significantly contribute toward their children’s and students’ progress in mastering literacy by investing some time and planning the learning strategies for each particular child. To ensure that you choose the right educational tools, it is crucial to take into consideration each particular child’s specific background, personal preferences and level of maturity. Try to find games and activities that the child will enjoy and never force him to do them. – spelling, word finding, and other elementary free reading games for age groups 3-6 and 6 and up.

Excellent word puzzles, spelling and other reading games for kids created by an expert educator that make learning real fun: Also includes various other educational games and activities.

At the following site you can find free print reading games, phonics games, enhancing comprehension strategies and colorful phonics posters:

Word games and reading games for developing reading skills, categorized according to the alphabet:

Here is a website that features cool reading games for kids and activities specifically designed to help build essential reading skills in a fun and entertaining way. The topics covered are phonemic awareness, sight words, phonics, vocabulary and reading comprehension:

Lastly, don’t forget about our very own Story Time For Me’s free online reading games for kindergarten (even pre-k) and up. Click here to view over 30 quality interactive reading books. 

Helping you Child Succeed in School

Research studies have confirmed that parental involvement predicts children’s future academic success more accurately than any other family characteristic including parents’ education, marital status, income or family size. Most parents realize that their involvement is important, but may not be sure where to begin. An excellent starting point is projecting a positive attitude about education in general and your child’s school in particular. Talk to your child about school in a positive way, don’t criticize his teachers in front of him even if you think they are wrong. Implanting a positive attitude for schooling is crucial in ensuring your child’s future academic success.  Another important aspect of helping our children succeed is spending quality time together. Regardless whether you do educational or other recreational activities make sure that your time together is enjoyable and pleasant for both of you. Solving puzzles, playing reading games or reading are some of the pleasant and beneficial activities for your child and you. Experts recommend spending 15 minutes each day exclusively with your child. During that time, try to share a pleasant and relaxed conversation about the events that transpired that day and school and any other things your child wishes to share with you. In the beginning, it might seem like too large of a chunk of time, so you can break it up into five minute increments. Speak to your child a few minutes at breakfast, a few minutes in the car on the way to school, and a few minutes at dinner time or bedtime.  Reading a book, playing some reading games for kids on the computer together can be a nice time to relax and bond together at the end of a long day.

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Reading Games For Kids
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