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Phonics Resources

If you’re planning on teaching your child to read, you’re probably overwhelmed with the amount of phonics resources there are out there. That’s why we’ve culled some of the best  resources into one list:

Phonics Resources


Phonics Resources Online:

Phase 5 Phonics Resources:

Video is immensely popular, and teaching phonics is no exception. Kids find the songs and images captivating and more memorable, and parents and teachers can easily learn songs, games, and activities that would otherwise be difficult to understand in an article.

Teaching Phonics resources using video:

You can use these resources as a complete program to teach children to read, or you can use them to supplement a phonics program that you’re already using. Try to use a mix of activities in order to keep your child interested.

Preferably, you should try and use multi-sensory activities when teaching children, including song, movement, and gestures in order to help children learn letter sounds, or phonics rules. Don’t forget that when using phonics resources, to make sure that you are covering the skills that are listed on your master skill list of skills your child needs to learn in order to read well.

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phonics resources

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Phonics Resources
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