Phonics Lesson Plans: Resources for Planning Phonics Lessons and Activities

Phonics Lesson Plans

Planning phonics lesson plans year after year can feel a little repetitious. Fortunately, there are numerous resources online for teachers looking to new ideas while planning new lesson plans for their class.

Here is a good list of free resources to start with:

Phonics Lesson Plans

If you’re  a parent, you can use these same resources to help reinforce the skills your child is learning school.

Instead of trying to teach everything, look for activities that focus on one particular skill, and let your child master that. When your child finishes one skill, then they’re ready to move onto the next one. Fifteen minutes once a day is usually enough time to improve your child’s phonics skills within a few weeks.

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Good luck planning your students’ phonics lesson plans!


phonics lesson plans

Phonics Lesson Plans

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Phonics Lesson Plans
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