Guess How Much I Love You

Guess How Much I Love You

Guess How Much I Love You is a children’s book written by a  British author Sam McBratney with adorable illustrations by Anita Jeram. The book was first published in in the UK by Walker Books 1994 and in the US by  Candlewick Press in 1995 . In 1996, Guess How Much I love You became an ALA Notable Children’s Book. In addition to the ALA  and numerous other awards, Guess How Much I Love You book has sold over 20 million copies worldwide and been translated into over 37 languages. Guess How Much I Love You has been published in several different formats, each format specifically designed to suit a specific age level. There are versions of the Guess How Much I love You book that are appropriate for children aged from newborn to eight years old.

Guess How Much I Love You Story

Guess How Much I Love You tells a touching story about a father and son’s antics, as they attempt to outdo each other, told with gentle humor and affection. This is the perfect read for a quiet bedtime cuddle or some quality time bonding.

Guess How Much I Love You Book Illustrations

Anita Jerams’s delicately hued watercolor illustrations beautifully convey the lovely tale’s tender message. The soft shades and precious facial expressions highlight the themes of love and tenderness. In the picture perfect depiction of the hare’s jumps and hops, clumsy and rigorous movements of the little hare are contrasted with the powerful strides of the father, highlighting the poignancy of the overall theme.

Here is a youtube link to an adorable animated version of Guess How Much I Love You that your little ones will love:

Guess How Much I Love You and Other Children’s Books

Reading books to books to our children is an important part of raising them into adulthood. Looking back, most people will admit that they treasure those precious moments they had spent listening to their own parents reading them stories. Reading together is one of the activities that is most suited for parent-child bonding and quality time. With so many educational experts, psychologists and therapists exhorting up to spend more time with our children, we must not forget that the primary measure here is quality and not necessarily quantity. By spending a limited amount of time with our child while giving him our full attention and complete focus, we will accomplish tremendously more than by hours of half hearted presence. Children’s books and stories, such as Guess How Much I Love You, Goodnight Moon, Love You Forever and many others are an ideal tool that can be used to achieve the special feeling of closeness and bonding with our child even when we don’t have hours to spend with him.

Children’s Books from Story Time For Me

In today’s day and age, the parents don’t even need to browse through bookstores and spend time and money on quality children’s stories. Some excellent resources for parents and children are available online. Websites such as, that are dedicated to promoting literacy and reading skills among children, often provide free resources, such as books, games, coloring pages or other activities. Check the library of Story Time for Me to select from over 30 titles of high quality animated children’s stories on a variety of topic : There are three basic characters with a series of stories centered around each one: Fern the Fox, Ben the Mouse and Flame the Dragon. The stories cover topics such as seasons, life experiences, feelings, friendship and more. Each story is narrated at pace particularly suited to young readers with the words being read highlighted on the screen. The animations are beautiful and endearing. The books are suited for children ages one through eight years old. Below are a few examples of stories from the site’s library.

Pete Comes Home – Ben the mouse’s best friend Pete comes home to find that a new kid has just moved into the neighborhood and seems to have become the center of everyone’s attention. The book discusses the feelings of jealousy and loneliness as well as consideration for the feelings of others. Appropriated for children aged 4-8.

Fern’s Seasons- Fern the fox learns about the different seasons of the year and enjoys them all!  Appropriate for children aged 1-4.

Acorn’s Summer Adventure-Fern the Fox’s friend, squirrel named Acorn swims too far out but is rescued by his friends. Topic: safety. Appropriate for children aged 1-4.

There are many more stories to enjoy from the library of Story Time for Me. Take some time and read through some lovely books together with your little ones.

Children grow up fast, often faster than we would like. The parents need to make sure to incorporate some quality time into their daily interactions with their children. Whether it be an online book or activity, or a story like Guess How Much I love You, make sure the special moments you share are pleasant and enjoyable for both of you.

Guess How Much I Love You

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guess how much i love you

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Guess How Much I Love You
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