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   Developmental Milestones

Developmental milestones are skills that developed at a certain age, such as  taking a first step, smiling for the first time, waving “bye bye” , etc. Children reach developmental milestones in how they behave, play, speak learn, and move. There are many slightly varied child development milestones, with specific ones having been developed for every period of life. Parents should keep in mind, however, that development milestones are not “set in stone”  and there is room for each child’s individual pace and style of growth. Only if a child is clearly and noticeably lagging behind, there may be room for concern and a consultations with a specialist.

Developmental Milestones Chart

Below is a list of links to a number of detailed a developmental milestones chart, according to the stages of child development.

To see a detailed  a developmental milestones chart, click here:

For baby development milestones chart, click here:

For a detailed newborn milestones chart, click here:

Developmental Delay

When a child falls noticeably behind from achieving the regular developmental milestones, he may be considered to have developmental delay.

As you watch your child grow, it is important  to remember that each child develops at his or her own pace, and there is a wide range for what is considered normal .  It is helpful, however,  to be aware of certain red flags which signal for potential problems and developmental delays. Delays can occur when a child lags behind in reachig one or more of the developmental stages in the areas of intellectual, physical or emotional growth. If you think  your child is experiencing a delay, early intervention is the best way to help him or her to catch up and advance.

There are many different types of developmental delays that occur in infants and  children. A child may be experiencing difficulties in one or more of the following areas:

-motor skills

-language or speech

-social and emotional skills

-cognitive skills

-vision and reading

Sometimes, a child fails to achieve proper developmental milestones in a number of these areas. When a child lags behind in most areas of development, he is defined as having “global developmental delay.”  The possible reasons for global developmental can be: a genetic defect, such as Down syndrome, fragile X syndrome, an inherited type of cognitive impairment, fetal alcohol syndrome, caused by a mother’s consumption of alcohol during pregnancy, or severe medical problems developing prior or soon after birth, sometimes associated with premature birth.

Developmental Delay Treatments

Any developmental treatment must begin with an in-depth observation and evaluation of the child. Using developmental milestones checklist, the general problematic areas may be outlined.

 An extensive evaluation and clinical observation as well as using the latest standardized evaluations should be done in order to clarify the specific areas of development that need to be addressed. These evaluations will also indicate the possible  underlying causes for the child’s difficulties.

It is very important to collaborate with the child’s teacher and pediatrician, as well as with o any other therapists in order to ensure the most thorough and successful treatment possible.  It also helps the various professionals involved in the treatment to understand the child better, and know which interventions and modifications are required to make in order to meet their educational goals.

Therapies for Developmental Delay

There are a number of different therapy sessions that may be necessary to incorporate into the child’s schedule in order to remedy the developmental milestones delays.

 One type of therapy is Pediatric Occupational Therapy;  it focuses on improving the child’s ability to perform at age appropriate levels in all basic daily functions. Children who need to be treated with this type of therapy often have difficulties with balance, muscle in-coordination,  delayed fine motor skills, poor muscle tone, difficulty with meeting developmental stages, behavioral issues, problems with eating skills, delayed self help skills,attention and focusing issues, poor handwriting skills, and other problems.

The type of therapy that is referred to as Pediatric Physical Therapy focuses on the child’s ability to meet gross motor, fine motor, sensory motor, and other developmental milestones. Any child with a developmental delay in walking, sitting, crawling,  poor balance control, poor transitional movements, motor coordination, and other delays and malfunctions can benefit from Pediatric Physical Therapy sessions.

Pediatric Speech and Language Therapy is recommended for children with oral motor delays, poor communication, delayed speech, stuttering, difficulty with social speech patterns, and other problems in the area of speech and language development.

 Neuro-Visual rehabilitation is also known as Vision Therapy. This type of therapy is designed to treat such issues as delays in reading, learning, visual perceptual issues  and other visual issues.

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Unless the child has specific problems, parents should not become overly concerned about the  timing of reaching developmental milestones, but use them as a general guide to ensure their child is developing properly.

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Developmental Milestones

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   Developmental Milestones
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