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Reading children poems to kids is a wonderful way to enhance their language skills and stimulate their imagination and creativity, as well as introduce them to the world of children’s literature in a fun and exciting way. Below you will find some useful links to poems for children resources on the web.

Children’s Poems

Robert Frost has defined poetry as “serious play.”  Children instinctively delight in playfulness of poetic language. It’s unlikely any parent or educator ever felt that they had to force feed the children poems written by  Shel Silverstein, Dr. Seuss or even Mother Goose. Children naturally love rhymes and word games and have special appreciation for poetic use of language.  It is not going to be an exaggeration to say that all children, each one according to his level, are natural poets.

It’s a fact, however,  that some children are more drawn literature and the world of words than others. Sometimes all it takes is the special influence of a certain person or book at the right time, and the child’s natural propensity for language is set to blossom inside. Thus develops the love of words, theirsound and  meaning , their look on the page. Of course it is essential to provide all children with the opportunities to meet the right people and to be influenced bu the right books when their moment comes.

Often the primary factors determining a child’s relationship with poetry is the influence of family. How many of us can still remember a song that our parents sung to us, a book that they read to us at bedtime countless times, or a favorite story.Naomi Shihab Nye reminds us to “remember the dignity of daily affirmation, whatever one does–the mother speaking to the child is also a poem.”  The parent’s example has the primary influence on the formation of the child’s mindset and attitude towards poetry.  Reading children’s poems frequently and enthusiastically can do much toward developing love of language and literature in children.

Teaching Children Poems

Aside from home influence, there is also the classroom, often a stumbling block for poetry.  Here a lot depends on the teachers and their attitude. Though unfortunately many teachers were brought up to believe that poetry was an obscure, esoteric and inaccessible art, there are just as many who understand its intrinsic value, and make poetry for children and by the children a part of their daily lessons.

In order to teach children to appreciate poetry, read to them children’s poems that they will enjoy. There are so many different kinds of children poems, that it is possible to find one for every mood and event. You will not fail with the well known classics by Shel Silverstein, Jeff Moss, Jack Prelutsky, Bruce Lansky, Judith Viorst, and others. Most kids will enjoy reading poetry about children or poetry written by children themselves.

Reading Children Poems Aloud

It’s very important to encourage children to read poetry aloud, and try to recite it from memory. Poetry recital helps kids polish their reading and performing skills.  A child’s  performance can indicate  how well he understood the poem. Being the center of attention and getting the audience’s approval will serve as a psychological reward for the child. Many children who aren’t particularly fond of poetry will be motivated to memorize and recite children poems for the excitement of performing in front of others.

Poems for Children Resources

Today it has become extremely easy to find high quality children poems written by famous authors specifically for children. Below are some helpful links to a number of sites with collections of all different kinds of poems – serious and humorous, written for and by the children. Some poems come with audio files, others are available for free download or come in printable format.

Here is a nice collection of classic poetry for children, including such well known authors as Emily Dickinson, Albert Midlane and Samuel Taylor Coleridge :

Follow this link to Giggle Poetry, one of the modern day children’s poet’s, Bruce Lansky’s site of funny children poems:

Here is a link to a varied collection of children’s poems and poems for children resources:

This is a collection of original funny poems for children which can be used to introduce poetry to the younger grades:

This website offers a free collection of online poems for children resources and children’s poems  by the  most popular poets. Among the selections are examples of classic children poems as well as modern poetry for children, including the works of May Alcot, Lewis Carrol, Robert Bridges, Rudyard Kipling, Alfred Noyes  and others:

Reading funny children poems with kids, or poems about things that they find interesting, will create a positive association linking poetry with pleasurable activities in the young readers’ minds. Later in life, even if they don’t become poetry writers themselves, these young adults will retain appreciation for poetic language and literature as a whole. Reading children poems to young kids is an investment in their future development into well rounded, educated individuals.

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Children Poems & Poems for Children Tips
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