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Baby Book

Why does a Baby Book  exist?

Why does baby book exist? Children don’t develop their own reading skills until the ages of 4 or 5, so what effect can a story book have on a younger baby? Firstly, let us define the term ‘baby book’ by saying that they are books presented to kids of ages 0-3. Because of their lack of reading ability, most babies who are exposed to books are read to by their parents.

One obvious advantage of baby reading books is for the baby, who hears correct and often poetic speech and who also sees colorful pictures that greatly affect their early views of the world. This exposure greatly stimulates such a young mind and helps them develop skills that will prove extremely important for their future.

The unseen but also very important benefit of a parent’s reading a baby book out loud if for the parents themselves. Firstly, they give parents a necessary tool required to chose what influences a baby’s young and vulnerable mind is exposed to. Parents can hand pick books that will stimulate their children the most. The choice is also theirs in order to teach young kids some certain morals and beliefs while putting aside others that the parents feel are less important or more appropriate to hear at an older age.

Another positive for parents in this equation is the bonding time they acquire through reading baby story books. Being a constant and knowledgeable nurturing figure in your child’s life is important. By nurturing your baby’s education you can also instill in him/her an early desire and love of learning that will prove priceless as they enter school. As your baby comes to trust you as a teacher more and more, a strong bond of trust will be formed.

Best Baby Books

Dr. Seuss is perhaps the most well known author of children’s literature and his captivating illustrations and poetic stories are also ideal as a baby book. Many of his greatest works such as ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ or ‘The Cat in the Hat’, have a limited vocabulary of beginners words giving a small baby a fantastic base of basic words to be hearing. Part of his artistry is also in rhyming the limited vocabulary he uses making his books all the more stimulating for a young audience. Additional baby reading books by Dr. Seuss include ‘Horton Hears a Who’, ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’, and ‘Oh the Places You’ll Go’.

Mother Goose’s fairy tales and nursery rhymes are also an amazingly successful series in the baby book category. The books are written by a wide variety of authors as ‘Mother Goose’ is herself a fictional character represented in one of the famous rhymes. Charles Perrault, the French inventor of the modern fairy tale is considered to be the first ‘Mother Goose’ author with his publication of ‘Tales of My Mother Goose’ in 1695.

In 1729 and English author by the name of Robert Samber introduced the French fairy tales of ‘Cinderella’, ‘Sleeping Beauty’, ‘Puss in Boots’, and ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ to the English language. Afterwards, the ‘Mother Goose’ baby book series were adopted in the New World and the tradition continued into modern Children’s literature.

And additional baby book that has become famous world-wide and is highly recommended is ‘The Three Little Pigs’. Although believed to be a much older story, the first printings of the book appeared in the 1840’s and have had many adaptations since, including a Disney cartoon film. The story follows three little pigs who each build a house of different materials. The pigs in the houses of straw and sticks get a big surprise with the Big Bad Wolf drops by and blows down their houses.

How to Find Baby Books on the Internet

If you’re searching for good a baby book to be reading to your children, there is no better place to search than the world-wide web.

Amazon is a great place to find the cheapest and also best known baby book hard and soft covers as an addition for your family.

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Good luck on your baby book hunt!


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Baby Book
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