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 ABC Songs for Kids

ABC Songs for Kids are a great way to teach the alphabet to preschool aged children. Here are some great ideas for teaching the alphabet and some helpful links to online games and other resources for parents and preschool teachers. From singing the ABC songs for kids to making ABC cookies, try some of these original activities and project that your kids and students are sure to enjoy!

Teaching the Alphabet with ABC Songs for Kids

Children love to sing and listen to songs and rhymes. Use this opportunity to sing the ABC Songs for kids whenever you get a chance. You can start your day with a song or two, including the ABC song for kids. Sing it in the car while you drive the little ones to from school.

Here are some cute versions of ABC songs for kids your little ones will be sure to enjoy: - cute ABC song video for kids on youtube. - an alternative version of the ABC song for kids. - your little ones will enjoy this free ABC song for kids.

Additional Ideas for using ABC Songs for Children

In addition to singing the ABC songs for kids, there are other activities that can help your little one learn the alphabet. Here are some additional ideas for creative ABC activities for your kids. You and your children can create your own alphabet book . Purchase a blank paper book at office supply store or make one out of construction paper. Help your child draw a letter on each page. Either help him or her write the letter or cut the letters out of an old magazine or newspaper. Next, cut out pictures from old coloring books or magazines that correspond to the words that begin with the letter on each page. Making your own alphabet book and singing the ABC kids songs are not the only activities that can help your child learn the letters in a fun way.

 While driving and singing the ABC songs is a lot of fun, you can vary the activities if you are going on a long car or bus ride with the kids. One possibility is an ABC game, which can be a fun and easy  way to teach the alphabet. Whenever you drive or ride anywhere, follow these simple rules to play the ABC  game. Look on the billboards license plates, or road signs to find the letters of the alphabet.  Start looking for the letter A and then continue on to the B, C, etc., until you complete the alphabet. Once you finish, you can play again.

More ideas for ABC games:

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Making ABC Cookies and Other Projects

Children love to eat and make cookies and treats. Get an alphabet shaped cookie cutters or use frosting to write one of the  letters on each cookie. Then ask your child  which letter he wants to eat and have him find the right cookie! Do this fun activity while singing the ABC songs for kids for additional effect!

For additional ideas for baking with kids, click here:

While taking a trip outside, to the park or to the  zoo, (and singing an ABC song for kids) look for things that start with the letters of the alphabet. When you print out the pictures,  let your child cut them out and glue them in the right order onto a collage. Then write or trace each letter for the picture collage onto the construction paper and glue them on. This is this is a fun activity for children of all ages.

For detailed instructions and demonstration on how to make a collage, go here:

Here is a fun ABC activity to try. Simplify the rules for younger children. Think of a word that begins with the first letter of the alphabet, and continue on in the right order. For example, “A is for apple”, “B is for banana”, “C is for cat”, and so on with all the letters. If your child is older you can have a theme for the game. All the word have to be the names of  animals, or fruit, or geographic locations. Younger kids can sing along with the ABC songs for toddlers to remind themselves of the proper order.

PBS Kids may have additional ideas for activities and ABC songs for kids on their playlist:

All the games and ABC songs for kids help reinforce the knowledge and make kids love learning.

For an additional activity, make an ABC bingo game. Take your old Bingo cards and write the letters of the alphabet on the other side, making them look like a traditional Bingo card. Then call out the letters and have the children mark them or put a special Bingo chip on each  letter that’s been called out. When children finish the card, they can yell out Bingo! Get small prizes from the dollar store for the winner to make this even more fun.

Singing the ABC songs for kids and using some of these creative activities can help you little ones learn the alphabet in no time!

Coming soon we will be writing more about how your child can learn more with the alphabet song, ABC Music Free, Old MacDonald Song, ABC Song Lyrics, Learn ABC Song and more. We hope you enjoyed this article on ABC songs for kids!


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 ABC Songs for Kids
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