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ABC Kids

ABC Kids is a very popular ABC Kids Multimedia spelling games software. ABC Kids is  used  in over 75 countries worldwide.  This software is  great for teaching  kids to learn English  Alphabet and has word spelling activities that use visual images, realistic speech audio and simple self-testing. ABC Kids includes full Alphabet from A – Z, over 100 different names of  picture objects to spell, Realistic Voice – to – Text Speech Engines teaching the letters, spelling activities and  pronunciation.

ABC Kids Alphabet Spelling Games with Pictures Software makes learning the  letters of the Engkish Alphabet and  the basic spelling skills easy and fun. Alphabet games and spelling activities  use a logical step-by-step process that is simple and straight forward for  the average elemetary school  child. The Voice synthesizer  teaches the correct pronunciation of the word as well as its correct spelling. The advantage of the Self-Testing mode is that it has automatic testing and correction features, which can be used to make self-check and corrections throughout the learning progress. The software has been designed to be user-friendly and has a  simple setup and interactivity. ABC Kids is fully Multimedia based with Windows based interface  and Audio-visual output specifically designed for children.

Learning Spelling with ABC Kids

Learning spelling with ABC Kids or other spelling games programs can be a real fun activity for young children. For additional spelling games, follow this linnk:

When children enjoy the interactive activities offered by educational programs such as ABC Kids, the learning process becomes an enjoyable timepast.

Follow this link for some more exciting educational activities and spelling games:

It is important for children to develop proper literacy skills in the younger grades, since these skills are going to play an important role in their scholastic succsess in the later years.

To further enhance the literacy skills development, follow this link for additional games and activities related to reading, writing and spelling:

Educational programs such as ABC Kids, play an imprtant role in the proper development of children’s literacy and language skills.

ABC Kids Games

It is a well known fact that children learn though play. From the earliest months the child explores the world around him through playing with various objects.Through play the child develops understanding of various abstract concepts, which is a critical feature in the developing higher cogniotive functioning later on. Many educational experts have pointed out the importance of play in the children’s learning process. By providing varied and engaging educational games and activities, we provide the children with anoptimal way to learn and internalize new things and concepts.

In addition to ABC Kids, there are many excellent educational programs and activities for parents and educators.

PBS Kids is another excellent source for educational games and activities for children online:

The Significance of Play in the Learning Process

Children learn to play and play to learn. To a young child, play is terribly important; it is not a distraction or something that just takes up time – it’s the child’s life. From the moment of birth, the child begins to explore the world. He learns that when something is dropped, it falls down, that balls roll, and things that are far away appear smaller.  A child need to learn so many new things and to process so much information through the first few years of his life! By the end of the first year, the child begins to master coordination over his body and develops gross motor skills.

Play has a crucial role throughout the stages of reaky learning. As the child matures, his games also become more sofisticated and involved. He throws himself into the business of learning. Through experimenting with various materials, he learns about texture and color of things. By playing outdoors, he learns more about various objects,people and events.

Introducing early education programs and activities such as ABC Kids when the child is ready, can stimulate his cognitive development and enhance his learning capabilities in a fun, engaging way.

When the child begins to learn words, their uses and meaning, it is important to provide him with appropriate activities that will make learning a fun process. Reading to the children is an excellent activity, too.  The games that you play with your child should be varied and stimulating, but done in a natural, relaxed way. Never force or pressure your child to do a particular activity, no matter how great its educational value. If he doesn’t feel like doing ABC Kids right now, offer him something else, or read him a book instead!

Through play, children learn how to learn and find out how to do things. Play is learning, being, trying and feeling. Children learn many things about themselves and others, and the world around them through play. They learn concepts, relationships, sizes, colors and textures, cause and effect; they learn about feelings, emotions, sensations, language, sounds and symbols among other things.

Playing games and being involved in educational games and activities offered by programs such as ABC Kids enhances the natural learning process and ensures proper future intellectual development of children.

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ABC Kids
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