2nd Grade Reading Games: What Kind of Reading Games Should My 2nd Grader Play?

2nd Grade Reading Games

2nd grade reading games should focus on helping your child continue to build fluency with her reading skills. Your second grader should now have a growing number of words that she can read fluently. At the same time, she is also using her knowledge of letter sounds and word patterns in order to help her decode new words effectively.

Other skills 2nd grade reading games should support: 

These new skills mean that your second grader will now start reading longer books, such as chapter books, and they will stretch their reading skills to include reading for information.

Social studies, science, and math are examples of subjects where your child will begin tackling. They will also learn to summarize the plot, and identify the characters and settings of a story. They also learn to compare the experiences of characters to their own lives.

When you choose second grade reading games, make sure that the games include some of the above skills. Help your child choose a mix of games to reflect a wide variety of second grade skills.

Online resources for reading games for 2nd grade:








These are some of the best 2nd grade reading games online – they’ll help your child continue to enjoy learning to read.

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2nd grade reading games

2nd Grade Reading Games

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2nd Grade Reading Games
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