1st Grade Poems: How to Write First Grade Poems

1st Grade Poems

1st grade poems can be fun and educational for your child.

If your 1st grader is learning how to write a poem, don’t panic. While 1st graders aren’t ready for rhyming or heavy symbolism, there are numerous types of poems for first grade your child can write.

Types of 1st grade poems your child can write.

List Poems:

Ice-cream is cold

Ice-cream is sweet

Ice-cream is yummy.

Descriptive poems:

Adjective:  Clear

Noun: Water

Verb: Running

Blank, blank, Water is good.

Is blank

Answer the 5 W’s: Who, What, When, Where, Why


Standing by himself

On a spring day

In the field

Scaring away the crows

These are just some ideas you can use for helping your 1st grader. You can also take a look at a book called  Kids Poems by Regie Routman. It’s a great resource for teaching 1st grade poems.


Regie Routman shares her delightful selection of free verse poems written by first graders that will inspire your second graders to think, I can write ... read more
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As a side note, I would LOVE to receive an email of 1st grade poems from your students or children that they create.


1st grade poems

1st grade poems

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1st Grade Poems
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