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Free Personalized Activity Books for Teachers and Families
Free Books to Download:

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There are currently two (2) personalized activity books available. "Fern Goes to the Rainforest" is for younger kids ages 1-5. "Ben Celebrates Earth Day" is for kids ages 4-8. We have also created a special creative writing project which is ideal for children ages 9-11 where they can complete the second half of the book titled "Ben Celebrates Earth Day" and put their creative writing skills to use.

Each book has a boy and girl version, so make sure you select the correct book which will have the correct pronouns (he/she).  In each book you will see a rough outline sketch of a human child. The child needs to color in the sketched lines while adding hair, clothing, skin color and any other identifying features.

Click on the clickable links below to begin downloading the pdf file. Each file is approximately 3MB in size.  After the child completes the book, you may want to laminate and create a three ring binder so that the child can save the book as a keepsake. Then, either scan or take digital pictures of the book, and upload them to a program like Photobucket so that you can share the book with friends. If possible, we would love for you to post your child's creation on our Facebook wall for 'show and tell'.


Book #1 - Fern Goes to the Rainforest
To preview the entire book in our special multimedia format, click here.

"Fern Goes to the Rainforest" - Boy Version

"Fern Goes to the Rainforest" - Girl Version

Book #2 - Ben Celebrates Earth Day 
To preview the entire book in our special multimedia format, click here.

"Ben Celebrates Earth Day" - Boy Version (Ages 4-8)

"Ben Celebrates Earth Day" - Girl Version (Ages 4-8

"Ben Celebrates Earth Day" - Boy Version - (Ages 9-11, involves writing)

"Ben Celebrates Earth Day" - Girl Version - (Ages 9-11, involves writing)


Who are we?

Story Time For Me is a unique literary website designed specifically for toddlers and children in early elementary school, allowing them to read and listen to enjoyable, online interactive picture books.  It is our goal to encourage children to read more books, while supplying socially relevant content as well as loveable characters for kids to enjoy.

What is our Goal?

In conjunction with our site, Story Time For Me has launched a free Earth Day Program directed towards teachers in schools, homeschoolers and child care facilities where students are eager to learn.  The combination of an animated online story which can be viewed at home and school along with a printed personalized version adds to all the fun and excitement of this special day. In addition, the program is stressing a positive environmental mission which is a great way for kids to participate in Earth Day activities. 

We take current issues of the day and turn them into fun stories.  We bring excitement and a new understanding to Earth Day, Thanksgiving, protecting the rainforest and other socially relevant subjects.  Children can read out loud as well as color in parts of the book.  Imagine what they will think when they see themselves as part of the action and adventure of the story!  By allowing each child to draw him or herself into the story and/or create a unique ending, the Earth Day book becomes personalized and is a wonderful keepsake to take home.

At the end of each book there are discussion questions that parents and teachers can discuss with their children in order to facilitate a better understanding of the story itself and the lesson that is to be learned from a given adventure.  Children are encouraged to think about how they too can contribute to such causes as recycling, Earth Day and others.

What age groups?

Stories are geared for three distinct age groups.

The younger group, ages 1 to 4, will have fun drawing inside the book while listening to the adventures of Fern the Fox.  Our 5 to 8 year old group will be delighted to read about all of the adventures of Ben the Mouse.  The older group, ages 9 to 11 will be encouraged to make the story their own by developing a creative and meaningful ending.

What is the format of the books?

Our activity books are pdf files which come with their own instruction page.  The books are full color with discussion points at the end of each book.

Who can participate?

Schools, child care facilities, public libraries, homeschoolers and parents worldwide who are looking for fun, educational activities to take place on this special day may participate in this free program.

What do we ask of teachers?

All that we ask is to be listed on your school’s or library’s website as a resource for parents and teachers and to inform the parents of your students in whatever manner is convenient for you.  A brief notice in newsletters, announcements or flyers we feel would be most effective.  Below is an example of what we suggest to place on newsletters, emails or websites.

FREE Online Children’s is a FREE online children’s book library, offering a wide selection of interactive picture books with animation, professional voice actors, word by word highlighting, and picture word pop-ups to increase vocabulary.  Wherever there is a child, Story Time For Me offers this free resource to promote children’s literacy.

Students qualify to win their own MULTIMEDIA personalized book.

By going to our website, kids can become eligible to win their own animated, personalized multimedia storybook. This is shown on our personalized book page.  Each personalized story is created with digital pictures of the student, submitted to us by a parent or guardian.  We will then use our technology to incorporate that child as the main character of the animated story shown in the interactive format you see on our site.  When ready, we will send back the link for the finished personalized story.

How can I sign up for this free program?

On the right side of every page you can enter your name and email address to join our mailing list.  Then whenever we add a book, you’ll automatically receive a link to the new pdf to download and print.

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